“Light is the left hand of darkness and darkness the right hand of light.
Two are one, life and death… like hands joined together”

Ursula K. Le Guin, The left hand of darkness

This is a tribute to Vasulka, recording in real time my left hand while the right hand was adjusting knobs and patching oscillators, of a Jones Raster Scan, similar to the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor, built by Dave Jones and powered by Signal Culture. It is a process of prosthetization in which a familiar part of the body becomes alien, sucked by the uncanny vortex of the machines, in which we believe to see a glimpse of creation when two index fingers touch each other’s, but the triangulation ends up with an unsettling unity. In Mandarin: 孤掌难鸣 (It’s hard to clap with only one hand).

Sountrack: Handplant, by EVN, Oh Cruel Science album, Enklav label

BY  Sara Bonaventura (IT)

Sara Bonaventura is an Italian visual artist. As an independent videographer, she has been collaborating with performers and musicians, directing clips, ads, curating visuals in clubs. Her video works have been screened worldwide; at the Anthology Film Archives, for Other Cinema at San Francisco ATA Gallery, at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Miami New Media Festival, the Cinemateca do MAM in Rio for Dobra Festival, the MOMus in Thessaloniki for Videolands and more. She won the Veneto Region Award at the 10th Lago Film Fest in 2014 and a merit for the 2019 Sino per NIIO Illumination Art Prizes, with one of her work displayed in Hong Kong is one of the world biggest public screen; she has been selected for several residencies, ie in 2016 by Joan Jonas at Fundacion Botin (Spain). Recently selected for the ISEA 2019, the International Symposium for Electronic Arts, in South Korea.