Faced with animation without dialogue, the visual piece of The Lovers* shows difficult and complex relationships, which gradually fade to the benefit of personal, economic, or other interests. Each of the chapters presented carefully examines the vestiges of these human connections that today need to be reactivated and resurrected more than ever. The images presented use symbolism and dreams to show these connections. Love as a universal feeling tries to get rid of traditional clichés and eternal idealisms in the 3 minutes of this film.

BY  Roman Gomes ()

Román Gomes has been developing in the Digital Arts universe both in video installation, video art, or mapping taking Animation as the main narrative tool. These narrations are presented to the viewer in large-scale formats and through an installation or multimedia piece. In its beginnings, it adapts literary classics of the fantastic sort: from Cary Bates passing through H.P. Lovecraft or the universal Dante Alighieri. His visual language: baroque and obsessive is a suggestion of his fascination with the fantastic and the supernatural. His works have been exhibited at the ZKM / Center of Art and Media in Germany, at the One minute Mapping in Japan, at the Bam International Digital Art Festival in Belgium, or the International Film Fantasy Festival: B.A.R.S. of Argentina among many others.